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  • 开关电源在强大的需求的驱动下发展
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Switching power supply technology belongs to power electronic technology. It uses power converter to transform electric energy. By changing electric energy, it can meet all kinds of electric requirements. Because of its high efficiency and energy saving can bring huge economic benefits, it has attracted the attention of all aspects of society and has been rapidly promoted.

Taking the AC-DC transformation as an example, compared with the traditional phase control power supply adopting the power frequency transformation technology, the high-frequency rectifier power supply adopting the high-power switch tube is a leap in technology. It can not only get different voltage levels conveniently, but also get rid of the bulky power frequency transformer and filter inductor capacitor. Due to the use of high frequency power conversion, the volume and weight of the power supply device is significantly reduced, and it is possible to coordinate with the host volume of the device, and the electrical performance is further improved.

The use of switching power supply for the country to save a lot of copper, steel and floor space. Due to the improvement of conversion efficiency and energy consumption, the room temperature around the power supply is reduced and the environment of the staff is improved. The wide use of switching power supply in China's Posts and telecommunications sector has greatly promoted its wide application in other fields. It is worth pointing out that in recent two years, the DC operation power supply of power system has been launched aiming at the national investment of 400 billion yuan for the transformation of urban and rural power supply projects and the improvement of the quality of power transmission and distribution. It has begun to use switching power supply to replace the traditional phase control power supply. Some domestic communication companies have launched a series of products.

At present, there are more than 300 domestic independent research and development and manufacturers of switching power supply, and more than 10 have formed scale. Domestic switching power supply has occupied a considerable market, and the series of power supply products independently developed by some large companies have been widely recognized, and have a considerable advantage in the power market competition, and a small number of them have begun to export.