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  • 为什么做微动的厂家都是工业大厂?
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至于做微动开关的大厂家其实也没想象的那么多。CHERRY2008正式成为采埃孚(ZF)集团子公司,2017年3月后生产的开关“ZF”商标会陆续替代”Cherry”商标。  你看,樱桃其实和采埃孚是一家,被收购了。  鼠标常用的微动,其实就是微动开关,给各种电器产品做配套的,也不光用于鼠标,比如常见的大牌樱桃(采埃孚)-德国,欧姆龙-日本,松下-日本,霍尼韦尔-美国,Zippy-台湾 ,IC-韩国,以及国内常见的的华诺,凯华,TTC之类。 这个世界上有电器工业能力的国家其实很少,200多个国家和地区实际上95%以上全是买家而已。看上头的微动厂商就知道,基本就是世界上主要电器生产国或生产国的小弟了,做开关的实际就是给电器制造做配套,所以要么开在电器生产国本身,要么开在电器制造厂集中的地方(中国),所以知名的微动生产厂基本就是德日美中(台)韩了,因为集中,规模也自然大,樱桃(采埃孚)、欧姆龙、松下、霍尼韦尔都是国际巨头,ZIPPY,IC是给本地区做配套的规模不很大,中国因为是世界工厂而且本国需求巨大,华诺,凯华,TTC之类历史并不悠久(最多二十来年)也能养成大厂,像部分厂家专供微动就能活的比较滋润了这在其他国家很难想像的。  因为这种小微产品利润并不高,再远离生产地增加运输成本没有规模生产的低成本优势基本就没得玩了,所以其他国家不是没有就是规模小且苦苦挣扎中。

As for the big manufacturers of microswitches, there are not as many as they think. Cherry2008 officially became a subsidiary of ZF group, and the switch "ZF" trademark produced after March 2017 will successively replace the "cherry" trademark. You see, cherry is actually a company with ZF, which has been acquired. The commonly used micro motion of mouse is actually a micro switch, which is used for supporting various electrical products. It is not only used for mouse, such as the common big brand cherry (ZF) - Germany, Omron Japan, Panasonic Japan, Honeywell America, zippy Taiwan, IC South Korea, and the domestic common Warner, Kaihua, TTC and so on. In fact, there are few countries with the ability of electrical industry in the world. In fact, more than 95% of more than 200 countries and regions are buyers. As you can see from the above micro manufacturers, they are basically the younger brothers of the major electrical equipment producing countries or countries in the world. In fact, to make switches is to make supporting equipment for electrical equipment manufacturing, so they are either in the electrical equipment producing country itself or in the place where the electrical equipment manufacturers are concentrated (China). Therefore, the well-known micro manufacturers are basically Germany, Japan, America, China (Taiwan), South Korea, because of concentration and scale It's also natural. Cherry (ZF), Omron, Panasonic and Honeywell are all international giants. Zippy and IC are not large-scale supporting facilities for the region. China is a world factory and its own demand is huge. Warno and Kaihua, TTC has not a long history (up to 20 years) and can develop into a large factory. For example, some factories are dedicated to fretting, which can nourish other countries' hard to imagine. Because the profit of this small and micro product is not high, and further away from the production place to increase the transportation cost, without the low-cost advantage of large-scale production, there is basically no need to play, so other countries are either small-scale or struggling.