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  • 霍尼韦尔推出SS39ET系列线性霍尔效应磁性位置传感器集成电
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明尼阿波利斯2012年3月6日电 /美通社亚洲/ -- 霍尼韦尔(纽约证券交易所代码:HON)正在丰富线性霍尔效应传感器集成电路(IC)产品线 -- 在原有的SS49E和SS59ET系列低成本线性霍尔效应传感器基础上,霍尼韦尔现又推出新的SS39ET系列。


· SS39ET:超小型SOT-23表贴封装(卷盘式)

· SS49E:扁平TO-92封装(大封装,每袋1000个),SS49E-T2(直引脚)和SS49E-T3(青蛙型引脚)

· SS59ET:小型SOT-89B表贴封装(卷盘式)

“新的SS39ET系列推出后,客户可以根据需求选择合适的封装样式和尺寸,”霍尼韦尔传感与控制部全球产品高级营销经理Josh Edberg表示:“SS39ET采用SOT-23超小型封装,在PCB上占用空间更少,这样客户在应用时的设计灵活性更大,且更为节省成本。”

SS39ET系列产品用于监控永磁或电磁铁所产生的磁场;所有封装以卷带形式供应,可实现自动化、低成本组装;能够针对N极和S极进行响应;可采用低至2.7 V的电压供电。

SS39ET系列产品采用-40 °C至100 °C [-40 °F至212 °F]的宽温范围,适用于许多环境;使用热平衡集成电路,可保证在整个工作温度范围内稳定运行;采用薄膜电阻,精度更高,且输出稳定;能效出色——在5 Vdc和2.7 Vdc至6.5 Vdc电源电压下的耗电仅为6 mA,具有极高的电路设计灵活性。


· 智能远程公用事业计量仪表中的防盗检测

· 电机负载监控与电流检测

· 重型设备和家用电器中的泵位置检测

· 简单的直线位移或角位移检测

· 电动自行车和滑板车中的调速转把/油门位置检测

· 家用电器中的电流检测

· 工具和家用电器中的调速开关

· 安全、安防、楼宇门禁控制系统中的磁译码器


· 输液泵中的位置检测The low cost, universal sot-23 subcompact sticker package is well suited for a compact design with demanding space requirements

Minneapolis, March 6, 2012 / prnewswire / -- honeywell (nyse: HON) is enriching the linear hall effect sensor integrated circuit (IC) product line by introducing a new SS39ET family of low cost linear hall effect sensors on top of SS49E and SS59ET.

With the launch of SS39ET, honeywell's linear hall effect product line now includes three packaging forms with different pin configurations:

· SS39ET: ultra-small sot-23 table sticker package (coil type)

· SS49E: flat to-92 package (large package, 1000 pieces per bag), ss49e-t2 (direct pin) and ss49e-t3 (frog pin)

· SS59ET: small sot-89b table sticker package (coil type)

"New SS39ET series after the launch, customers can according to demand to choose the appropriate packaging style and size," global products honeywell sensing and control department senior marketing manager Josh Edberg said: "SS39ET the SOT - 23 subminiature encapsulation, takes up less space on the PCB, so that customers in the application of design flexibility is bigger, and more cost savings."

SS39ET series products are used to monitor the magnetic field generated by permanent magnet or electromagnet; All packages are supplied in coil form for automated, low-cost assembly. Can respond to N pole and S pole; Power supply is available at a voltage as low as 2.7v.

SS39ET series products use a wide temperature range from -40 °C to 100 °C [-40 °F to 212 °F], suitable for many environments. Using heat balance integrated circuit, can ensure the stable operation in the whole working temperature range; Adopting thin film resistance, higher precision and stable output; Excellent energy efficiency -- power consumption is only 6 mA at 5 Vdc and 2.7 Vdc to 6.5 Vdc voltages, with extremely high circuit design flexibility.

Potential industrial applications of SS39ET products include:

· anti-theft detection in intelligent remote utility meters

· motor load monitoring and current detection

· detection of pump position in heavy equipment and household appliances

· simple linear or angular displacement detection

· speed regulating handle/throttle position detection in electric bicycles and scooters

· current detection in household appliances

· speed regulating switches in tools and household appliances

· magnetic decoder in security, security and building access control system

Potential medical applications of SS39ET series products include:

· position detection in infusion pump